Alpha v0.3-5 Released


a Fixed Alpha version is on Extra-Devel, a few filters are implemented, but not all.

Essentially just red green and blue filters.

It is mainly for Gui and Packaging testing, Post a comment and tell me what you think.

Alpha v0.2-1 Released


Well, I finally released an alpha version to the community. Hopefully I'll get some beta testers that are fine with the currently stability.


Project submitted to Extras-Devel, I used Py2Deb to package it, and am working on linking all the dependencies.

Pre-Alpha Completed


The Gui has been 50% locked in a way that I believer is usable for single handed use. There's still some issues with thumbnail vs. real image and Undo levels that needs to be addressed, I think that if I multi thread the program to run the background apply it'll simplify the process and not slow down the GUI. which is a major issue.

The last issue that I'm dealing with is that the sliders fire their valueChanged too frequently as the user slides it along. I believe that a de-bounce function may need to be implemented to stop the studdering.

Planning Version Completed

Currently you cannot save the edited image, nor can you change anything but RGB values, but the Gui looks good.

Current Proof of concept completed.

I've currently completed the proof of concept, with PyQt and PIL integration