Maemo5 PR1.2 Release

AS many of you know PR1.2 was released today/tomorrow. It seems to be both advantageous for the Ansel-A user interface. Using Qt4.6, which is now pre-installed, the reaction of the GUI is I believe 40% faster. Actually it's sort of unbelievable how fast it works now. The sliders move smoothly and the rotation dial does not stutter, it feels like a capacitive screen now. I'm not sure if everyone is experiencing this or if the recently freed up rootfs (100megs) assists with the speed of the application.

Unfortunately, it seems that there is another issue some hidden ui elements, such as window borders are now visible where they were once hidden. I'll have to remove them as soon as possible.

Ansel-A v0.7-4 Released w/partial delay


v0.7-4 will be delayed until tuedsday. I realize there are some issues with the interface (mostly minor ones that irradiate the hell out of me like alignment and positioning). These will not be fixed until the 0.7build5 release, but what's on the horizon?

This weekend the development team (read as me) will be backpacking and fly-fishing at the cabin shown in the previous post, thus the delay. This is a good thing i'm going away with two close friends, one a computer scientist the second a photographer. (Both long term nokia fan boys, s60 for now. After monday things may change :)) this should allow me to throw some ui questions at them.

Small rant:

I'm having problems with the tones filters finding a reasonable way to display highlight and shadow adjustments as well as the matrix or multiplier shift that needs to be applied has been challenging. i have no problem with the math behind it, i just don't know what users are expecting with these filters. Should it b a straight slider with 1/3 of the tone being editied? Or should we also have a radius slider?

Since everyone reading this is a user what do you think? i want this application to solve the major issue in maemo5, the lack of an image editor mypaint and gimp loaded through easy debian can get you there.

But the reason why i developed the application in the first place is so when you or i take a photo and the xeon flash (you don't have one right?) Dosen't go off and we need to pull all of the blue out of the image before posting, we can do that rapidly.

The second thing i'd like to do is (and by seeing the new undo system) is to give you the ability to make your own preset filters. Last months recode allows for this now in theory. If i store any manipulation as simple text that the systemcan re-read in i can make the matrix apply occur all at once. i'll discuss this in my next post.

Back to milestones

SaveAs now works, bw conversion now works some of the sliders vs buttons do not so this will be fixed.

0.7build5 will have working sliders and adjust buttons for simple(brightness etc), colors, rotation and bw. Save, browser and undo will work as expected.

0.8 will have tone fixes and all ui oddities resolved.
This will be most likely the version submitted to nokia's "Calling all Inovators" contest.

0.9 will have dodge, burn or blur running full screen with your finger as
the brush. I'm not kidding i want this too.

Have a good weekend and thanks for your support.

Alpha v0.7-3+ Recent development


Some of you might have seen that I started a blog and am now getting rid of the garage update. Mostly since I can take a screenshot and post with MaStory right from my device. (Which is what I'm doing now.)

First, I've spent the last few weeks doing internal code cleaning, which you'll see as a more stabilised application. (Yeah it's an application not some silly one function app).

Secondly I've signifigantly changed the GUI. I'm trying to generate a stylish modern and useable UI that dosen't follow the exact Hildon look and feel. I intended for this departure but still have ensured finger-friendliness.

As you can see from the attached screenshot.

Loading a Photo using new Photo Browser

Applying Filter with new Popup Look

Photo in full screen mode after a dynamic BW conversion

Visual Undo Browser with Step 1. Selected.

Any comments?

... shhhh! Save As... just snuck in.

Ansel-a v0.6 Released

yeah, yeah,
I did it so that I didn't get some flack when my code wiped your photos, but there's been some rumbling here and there that "I can't save".

Here's the great part. People out there actually ran my application on their device and then commented on it on T.M.O or other sites to say "I can't save".

So to the mighty few of you out there using Ansel-A, here's a May 12th gift:
Save As... is finally here.

Screenshot to follow:

B&W (Namesake Filter Working)


We have a working BW filter set.
The interface may seem odd at first, but look it as a selection of colored filters, that you had put in front of your lens and shot on BW film.

they run like a mixing/blending wheel. I'd suggest Clicking on R, G and B and which ever best achieves the effect you're looking for, then focus on the Y, P or C near it and make your way down to the tertiary colors

Linux Development

Being a 10+ year, windows and .Net developer; I have found that developing FOSS, is a real treat.

There are plenty of people willing to help you along. The Environment is fully set-up and available (once you know where to look), the submission system and repos are a treat to work with. I just seems that everything just works for a change; and that is such a breath of fresh air. I think that the first beta version will be released soon and, to that end; I think that once I change the project's description and put out an announce, I'll get 5-10 more users, willing to help me break this thing in.

Oh! and to those Alpha users out there I promise B&W conversion, before the Beta Release.