Ansel-A 0v.9 Released (First Beta)

After 2.5 long months; Powerful Image Editing has finally come to maemo!

Ansel-A: The Digital Darkroom for the Nokia N900
* Filtered-Black-&White-Conversion
* RGB-Color-Correction
* Brightness, Saturation, Contrast and Sharpening
* Pixel-level-Cropping (Portrait is still a little fishy)
* Tonal Shadows/Highlights
* Kinetic Photo Browser
* 360-Degree-Precision-Rotation
* EXIF-Browser-with-maps
* Unlimited-Visual-Undo
* Multi-Platform (Qt4.6, PyQt)]
* An active developer taking reasonable feature requests

and all this cool stuff is Fully Open Source.

a Gratuitous YouTube Promo Video [link]

v0.9-1 Released to Extras-Testing [link]

Brave souls please enjoy and offer critique (I'm ready to get coding again on all the bugs that I'm sure will creep up.)
Alternatively, you can comment on my Blog about this application if you're not the bug submitting type.

Support Questions [link]

Bug Tracking [link]

Feature Requests [link]

Installing Version v0.9-1

New Users: The easiest way to install:
if you have Extras-devel/Extras-Testing active go to
and click install.

Previous Users: I now first suggest either
or Code:

apt-get purge ansela
apt-get install ansela


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