v0.9-5 Released to Extras-Testing


I think that for the time being the packaging issues have been resolved, Some time in the next week I'll make a proper Debian manifest release as noted by v13.

Version 0.9-2, released last night had a bit of an issue as described here (I posted this to T.M.O,):

Ok, seems like I'm sort of confused.

Version 0.9-1 was released to Extras-Testing it worked OK, but there were some packaging issues.

Version 0.9-2 I was using this morning to do some packaging changes In Extras-Devel, as suggested by v13 and others and thus has not been released. I've tried to keep some programming rigor, but sometimes version control just gets in your way. Remember Extras-Devel may not always work, bla bla, this is the case I inadvertently removed the .desktop file from my install src.

The "Workaround" as FarmerF mentioned would be to run the released version v0.9-1 which was released to Extras-Testing or wait for the next version to be released to Extras-Testing

I'm currently releasing a v0.9-5 to Extras-Testing with some of the packaging issues fixed. I'd say sorry for the confusion again, but I thought Extras-Devel was for development work. If anyone knows a good way to denote a release as "Development" verses a "Public" release I think I should do that, I'm delighted with the support but it seems that -Devel is no longer a place where I can put my test code. And now I feel like an *** for submitting v0.9-2, where people are posting "workarounds" to a release I suspected wouldn't work due to the changes I was testing.

Secondly, I posted this to T.M.O,
It may sound like an odd question but is there any way to demote a package in Extras-Devel.

I submitted a breaking change last night that caused a mini furry of posts that the application was broken, along with proposed workarounds. Unfortunately, it was reasonable that the version I submitted would cause a break (this is what I was trying to test)

While I post a new version up to the auto-builder, can I remove that previous version? so that no one else installs it?

or is there a way to mark a release as a Development only release that does not force a version update on users?


wandering bishop said...

I don't like flash photography so I've found your app very useful for correcting exposure on photos over the last few days.
I thought I'd make a few constructive comments;
- it would be handy to be able to use the zoom button when viewing an image in full-screen mode
- the n900 display does not have a high dynamic range, it would be great to have some way of pushing the range in realtime using a key; this would let me know if I'd lost detail (i.e. whited-out the sky) without having to copy the image onto a computer with a better monitor.

thanks for the app!

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