Ansel-A v0.7-5 Released


I'm quite glad of all the progress I've made one the PR1.2 release. There were some oddity that i was hit with as mentioned in the last post. Level Correction is in the works highlights will be active but it seems that the algorithm that I'm using causes compression and finally clipping at the top or bottom of the range instead of ramp. This will be corrected today. I'm also thinking about a healing brush. Or I guess just a blur tool to start with followed by burn and dodge. Tell me what you think.

Well before we get into that here's what i'm impressed with


And afer some contrast color and a straight blue BW filter:

I think we all win. This is the secondary reason that i developed this for the Nokia's Calling All Innovators Contest I think that this weeks major release or v0.8 should be good enough for the contest. All silly bugs as you see are fixed and any of the major ones are well on their way.

Again thanks, especially Michael and Charley for your support, and welcome to the community.


Anonymous said...

hi bro..nice app..really love it...but i would like to c if u can put shape tool like ex if i wanna hide my car plate no...hope u will get me....thanks

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