v0.9-1 Addendum

Install issues: If for some reason you're downloading (wget) the deb directly and are installing with dpkg:
run dpkg -i ansela_0.9-1_all.deb and then apt-get -f install to get the depends.

For some of the alpha testers (blizzard & debernardis) noted that earlier versions from extras-devel, especially the temporary v0.8-1 version have caused problematic installs. I/They suggest the simple purge method above before a reinstall for those users, there were some structural changes, that could cause a conflict.

Thank you all who have helped me over the past 2 months getting this released in time for the Calling All Innovators Contest, But especially:
achipa / attila77 for past work, fast answers, unreal patience to us noobs and of course PyQt4.7
noobmonkey you asked all the hard questions a month before me, so I just had to read the forums/irc
xvxxig guess who knows enough Linux now?
jgh for telling me what functions we really needed to have.
baconlt & tavaura20 my awesomely critical beta-testers, photographers and soundboards
mangoconleche & hunter30-06 You two know why, thanks to you the most


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